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Upcoming Events

  • Motor City Roots: Tuesday, June 2 @ 7 pm

    A behind-the-scenes look at the industry that gave Detroit the nickname it carries to this day, and the early beginnings of the Big Three automakers, presented by Historian and Archivist Joe Oldenburg. Hear about Michigan “firsts on the road”. Program sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Register here
  • Rivera & Kahlo in Detroit: Tuesday, June 9 @ 7 pm

    Explore the tumultuous and highly productive year that Mexican artist Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo spent in Detroit, a pivotal turning point in each artist’s career. A Detroit Institute of Art speaker will present highlights and background on the current DIA exhibit. Register here
  • Detroit's Magnificent Movie Palaces: Wednesday, June 17 @ 7 pm

    Michael Hauser of the Detroit Opera House presents a fascinating look at the majestic theatres, designed by world-renowned architects, that once surrounded Grand Circus Park. Browse through photos and artifacts from these palaces and view footage. Bring your questions! Register here